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uSD Logger Shield with RTC RoHS

SKU: IFB-11001
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IFB-11001 uSD Logger Shield with RTC Image IFB-11001 uSD Logger Shield with RTC Thumbnail
IFB-11001 uSD Logger Shield with RTC Thumbnail
IFB-11001 uSD Logger Shield with RTC Thumbnail
IFB-11001 uSD Logger Shield with RTC Thumbnail


This micro SD logger shield enables time-stamped logging of any signals measured by your Arduino project! Whether sensor shields, breakout boards or datalink connections, this shield will get your logger project up and running quickly. We've included an MCP79410 Real-Time-Clock module for flexible supply voltage timekeeping, which includes an on-board battery holder for a CR1220 battery (included, and is installed). In addition, the micro SD card is interfaced through a high-speed translator IC and supplied with a high-current LDO to meet the demands of the SD standard. Each pin of the Arduino has an offset pin attached for easy wiring to the massive 13x9 pin prototyping area, including the pins connected to the ICSP header! Whether you're using a Mega, Due or Uno, this board has your interfacing needs covered! Finally, the micro SD holder is a push to lock, push to unlock type, which makes it really easy to both install and uninstall your card.

As always, we have example code libraries available for the RTC module and several of our sensors, with more in progress. They will be loaded to our Github page as they become available.

SD libarary: Included with Arduino IDE (no download needed)

RTClib library: Forked RTClib with added support for the MCP79410 RTC, see Github page


  • Arduino shield based on the Microchip MCP79410 Real-Time-Clock module (wide Vin range) and micro SD Card
  • Micro SD (uSD) card push-in / push-out connector (SD card NOT included)
  • Hich speed level translator on all SD card signal lines, use with 3.3V to 5V Arduinos
  • CR1220 battery holder for RTC, Battery included (installed)
  • 13 x 9 pin prototyping area on 0.1" centers
  • All Arduino pins broken out and labeled
  • SPI pins broken out from ICSP header for easy access
  • PCB with footprint completely contained within Arduino Uno footprint
  • Power indicator LED on 3.3V uSD Card power supply
  • Purchase includes one IFB-11001 plus a set of stackable headers (uninstalled). Micro SD cards sold separately.
  • Designed, manufactured, tested and shipped from the USA

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