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Lightning "Emulator" Shield RoHS

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SEN-39002 Lightning SEN-39002 Lightning
SEN-39002 Lightning
SEN-39002 Lightning


Arduino shield, ideal for AS3935 lightning sensor development. The lightning "emulator" generates a RF signal that mimics lightning strikes. This board is in an Arduino Uno form factor, and only uses GPIO and I2C, so can be stacked on many form factors (developed on an Uno and Mega).

Example code can be found on our Github page (I2C), Github page (SPI) and Github page (emulator).


  • Can be configured to simulate close, medium and far strikes
  • Effective range is ~5-15cm from emulator antenna to sensor antenna
  • Arduino form factor and example code makes it easy to install and use
  • Three pushbuttons with LED indicators to indicate function and status
  • Male straight header included, not installed

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